A Special Place
by Steven Anderson, age 10

A special place is Twin Lake Village. TLV is in New Hampshire. I go on vacation here every year. I don’t look forward to the three hour drive from Connecticut, but it’s worth it. The drive is worth it because of the beautiful sunsets. The lake, Little Lake Sunapee is the lake my dad, brother and I sail on with a sunfish. I also learned to kayak and it is very fun.

When I’m not at the lake I’m golfing. Golfing is a hard frustrating sport but it can sometimes be very enjoyable. I’ve never, and probably never will hit a hole in one. Later probably pretty close but not a hole in one. Sometimes in the morning with all the dew on the grass my dad and I write our names in it. We do this on an extra piece of green that is used if some of the course is muddy.

Something I just love about TLV is their food. TLV’s food is served in their dining room. Each guest walks from their cottage to their reserved table in the dining room. The waiters and waitresses are very nice. They will tell you fun things, where things are and other stuff. At breakfast I like to get griddle cakes with maple syrup. TLV’s maple syrup is real. They get it from maple trees on their land. I just love it. At lunch our family usually gets it boxed so we can eat it at the dock right by the lake. A box lunch is a smaller lunch. It usually comes with sandwiches, apples, milk, and a different cookie each day.

One thing our family just loves is hiking. We hike in the woods, up and down mountains. Just about anywhere. TLV provides hiking trails throughout the woods. The trail has streams and creeks and lots of cool stuff. My dad, brother and I hiked up Mt. Kearsarge. It was really fun. Along the trail there were lots of weird rocks and trees that we thought were cool. At the top we ate lunch. A lot of people’s names were carved in the rock. My dad’s pocket knife wasn’t sharp enough for us to carve in “The Andersons”.

There are all reasons Twin Lake Village is special to me.