We enjoyed every aspect of last year’s vacation – the setting, the accommodations, the food and especially the staff. Our family would like nothing better than to make TLV an annual tradition.

Twin Lake Village Memories

Over 50 years ago the first of our family came to Twin Lake Village, making the two day trip from Washington, DC on old Route 5. Today our extended family, which has grown from 6 to 55, comes from across the USA – California, District of Columbia, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, and Pennsylvania.

We are drawn to TLV for a cherished two weeks in August by a varioety of reasons. First, there are the beautiful New England surroundings, old cottages, whispering pines, cawing jays, brisk and clean Little Lake Sunapee, crisp blue skies. It is an oasis from the other 50 weeks of the year. Then there is the Kidder family, a tradition bound group of honest, plain talking, interesting and fun people, whose work ethic we all admire and wish to emulate. The Kidders (Jacques and Goodwins) do things the old fashioned way and we like it like that. The guests are friendly and the activities, in which we all participate, are many – tennis, golf, swimming, mountain picnics, singing, the play house, bingo, the children’s dance and more. Actually Carol doesn’t sing and Mike doesn’t play bingo.

There is a consistency about TLV. Little has changed during its 100 plus years, save for refrigerators which have replaced ice boxes, showers in place of tubs, and a more relaxed dress code in the dining room. TLV is inter generational, where people of all ages (and walks of life) easily mix. It has become a place where lasting relationships are made, where friends from Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New York, Texas and Wisconsin stay in touch throughout the year.

Thanks to all these tangible activities and intangible benefits, TLV has become a rich part of our family’s life, for which we we are most grateful.

Carol and Mike McGarry

… to all Kidder family members who have made out late August stays so thoroughly pleasant and enjoyable, a MOST SINCERE THANKS! I cannot imagine a finer place for us to spend a week away from home. We met wonderful people there.

Our family started going to TLV when I was a young child (50 years ago!) because my mother wanted a place with no cooking and cleaning. She was right! Starting then not only did TLV provide a wonderful place to vacation, but also an opportunity to live together as a family and meet other families with whom we have developed life-long friendships. As an adult, I brought all my babies there and they have continued to come for 25 years. It is such a safe place for children and there are no agonizing meals in restaurants (a fussy child can visit the porch until dinner is on the table.) Our children have developed the same sense that we some how belong there, that it is much more than just a vacation place. It has become a part of who we are. We all still go, my Dad, my siblings and their families, our friends and the additions to their families. We feel lucky that as teenagers our children wanted to be there with us and play bingo and team gin rummy. We are on the go as much as we want but also enjoy the quiet beauty of the area that somehow nourishes our souls. Hating to leave in the summer, we have now become year round “guests”, renting a cottage for the winter. Despite the physical upgrades and improvements, nothing has really changed. (And that’s good).
– N. Tepping, Killingworth, CT

A Special Place
by Steven Anderson, age 10

A special place is Twin Lake Village. TLV is in New Hampshire. I go on vacation here every year. I don’t look forward to the three hour drive from Connecticut, but it’s worth it. The drive is worth it because of the beautiful sunsets. The lake, Little Lake Sunapee is the lake my dad, brother and I sail on with a sunfish. I also learned to kayak and it is very fun.

When I’m not at the lake I’m golfing. Golfing is a hard frustrating sport but it can sometimes be very enjoyable. I’ve never, and probably never will hit a hole in one. Later probably pretty close but not a hole in one. Sometimes in the morning with all the dew on the grass my dad and I write our names in it. We do this on an extra piece of green that is used if some of the course is muddy.

Something I just love about TLV is their food. TLV’s food is served in their dining room. Each guest walks from their cottage to their reserved table in the dining room. The waiters and waitresses are very nice. They will tell you fun things, where things are and other stuff. At breakfast I like to get griddle cakes with maple syrup. TLV’s maple syrup is real. They get it from maple trees on their land. I just love it. At lunch our family usually gets it boxed so we can eat it at the dock right by the lake. A box lunch is a smaller lunch. It usually comes with sandwiches, apples, milk, and a different cookie each day.

One thing our family just loves is hiking. We hike in the woods, up and down mountains. Just about anywhere. TLV provides hiking trails throughout the woods. The trail has streams and creeks and lots of cool stuff. My dad, brother and I hiked up Mt. Kearsarge. It was really fun. Along the trail there were lots of weird rocks and trees that we thought were cool. At the top we ate lunch. A lot of people’s names were carved in the rock. My dad’s pocket knife wasn’t sharp enough for us to carve in “The Andersons”.

There are all reasons Twin Lake Village is special to me.

Our family has been coming to TLV since 1960, across three generations. We see the same families each year and marvel the magic of this Villa on Little Lake Sunapee. We keep our time there with us all year long.

K.& C. & D. Freeston, Newtown, CT 2005