Our family started going to TLV when I was a young child (50 years ago!) because my mother wanted a place with no cooking and cleaning. She was right! Starting then not only did TLV provide a wonderful place to vacation, but also an opportunity to live together as a family and meet other families with whom we have developed life-long friendships. As an adult, I brought all my babies there and they have continued to come for 25 years. It is such a safe place for children and there are no agonizing meals in restaurants (a fussy child can visit the porch until dinner is on the table.) Our children have developed the same sense that we some how belong there, that it is much more than just a vacation place. It has become a part of who we are. We all still go, my Dad, my siblings and their families, our friends and the additions to their families. We feel lucky that as teenagers our children wanted to be there with us and play bingo and team gin rummy. We are on the go as much as we want but also enjoy the quiet beauty of the area that somehow nourishes our souls. Hating to leave in the summer, we have now become year round “guests”, renting a cottage for the winter. Despite the physical upgrades and improvements, nothing has really changed. (And that’s good).
– N. Tepping, Killingworth, CT