Happy Spring!

March 15, 2016

firing up the sugar house at 4;30 a.m.

bottling the syrup

Happy spring!


As often happens during sugaring season, the sap runs in bursts. This year is no exception and we have had a couple of huge runs followed by several days of nothing!  This crazy winter has made it hard to predict how the season will go.  Last week we hit 70 on Wednesday while yesterday we had snow sleet and freezing rain.  Looking ahead, the forecast is calling for a snow storm this weekend.  All of this is good for the maple syrup as it extends the season!

The warm weather has allowed us to get the covers off the greens. Once the frost is out of the grounds, we will get to work cleaning up the winter debris and getting everything ready to open the course.  Usually this is around May 1st.  We shall see if opening day is moved up this year.

bottling the syrup

firing up the sugar house at 4:30 a.m.


Another sure sign spring is around the corner is that the ice is about to go out. Already the ducks are back swimming in the brook and along the shoreline where the ice has melted.  As much fun as the skating has been this winter, it will be nice to see water again!

If you are looking to visit this summer and haven’t made your reservation, give us a call soon! Space it filling up fast, but we have two cottages open the week of July 2 and two

open July 9.  We would love to hear from you!